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So is this another dead furry game? Because this is getting from aggravating to just plain sad


Im waiting for a kovle route


So happy with how far things have progressed with Brym... he's so cute and I love a protective man. Can't wait for more with him, hes the best!


The game is very fun and everything about it is very charming, be it the characters or the story. I recommend it to everyone who likes the genre


Man, the story of this game is simply incredible! I started playing without much expectation and was very positively surprised by what you delivered. The characters are spectacular and the story captivated me and involved me so much that I feel anxious for the next updates.

A big applause for the script, the characters, the arts and the scenes, everything is very well done and I hope it continues with this same quality in future updates.

I feel bad for not being able to help you financially, but I guarantee that my words are true when I say that the game is incredible. Your work is excellent and I hope you gain more recognition.

PS: I hope for hot scenes with Brym 7w7

After been saved.

"Meow, Azorin my hero, wanna marry me?"


Seems i cannot erase or move the file ever since i downloaded it. Why?

Finally got around to a scene with a certain detective and it's got me twirling my hair like a fuckin idiot


Can you add gallery to the game please!



A gallery to view the art assets is planned, but it hasn't been high on our priority list yet as we are working on some other game features at the moment.

While it technically is easy to add in, we probably would want it to have some extra features, so we will let you know when we start implementing it.


any idea when will be next ubdate ?


The world needs more scalie VNs, thank you :')


I love this VN so much. The plot, The characters and the worldbuilding excites me I am just hoping for newer contents. Thank you and stay safe to the people behind this amazing game. I love Brym he so hot and well written. 

This was certainly something different from what I'm used to. Love it


You have found some quality content.


… how do I get bar music out of my head now? It's so catchy.

so far I like everything very much, the only thing I would like to see at the moment would be a save system to save the save points so I don't have to start a new game over and over again, and it would also make it much easier to take different routes.

there are so many interesting characters i definitely want to meet and i already have a few favorites but my absolute favorite is somehow kovle i'm kinda stuck on him he's kinda super cute~

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Uhmmmmmm, I hate to break this to you my dude, but you press the esc button or right click on you mouse to bring up the pause menu. From there it should be easy to see the save and load options.....

don't worry that's fine, but I think you misunderstood me a bit.

it's not about how to save a game, it's about the fact that it would be more convenient like other visual novels do that there is a save folder where you can save the game files and copy them out when a new version of the game comes out so you don't always have to start a new game.

because earlier this was still possible in the very first older versions but at some point it was taken out.


I don't tend to that, because those saves are more likely to crash and i tend to save a lot in an unorganized fashion. It ends up being more of a pain to keep them than to start fresh. :P

There is a save folder in this game, its just a bit more complicated to get to, but if you go to the options menu and click on User Data you should be able to find it.

Hey ^^_ would it be too much to ask for the save system to be changed? Maybe at least being able to chose the slot we save under? So I could, like, have an empty space between each save? I like keeping a lot of saves for differnt characters, but with all the saves bunched together, it kinda dissuades me from exploring routes other than Brym's :/

will there be more to the detective path in the next update I really like his path so far


hey juicy drake studios, i like how the android version is but i kinda wish this game was done by now, i got into lucora the lovely bat girl X3, but im more of the female fan than male, er anyways i  downloaded the game like 2 days ago an now i got to the part where you all are still working on it... ooof idk when you will complete it  but im sure itll be on the patreon payment thing i bet, er anyways nice job on the game keep it up im just gonna have to uninstall it for now...but i am sure you will get it done soon i hope.


Since I didn't have the money for Patreon benefits, I sold various things, including my parents' wedding rings and my father's watch. They discovered me.


Oh, interesting. And... how did it go?


I don't know why, but they got really mad, so I burned down the house.


Huh?!? But... But what are you up to?! And your parents? Don't tell me you...!


What are you saying?! Of course they weren't at home, I wouldn't kill my parents! I haven't... been able to do anything for them yet. We are rich, so we can buy a house right away. From my region I can't do anything for them, but I don't feel like working!

small bug report here. When using spacebar to move forward instead of the mouse the novel will glitch out, bringing up the menu. This happens about every 10 button presses.

Is there now or will there be a planed screen shot function? 


Hey i would like to know if there is more Story for Kovle planned? I really like that caracter and would love to see more ^^


Hello, I would like to give my feedback.

I thank your artist for creating so many drawings, many of the characters now seem to "have more reason" and no longer seem static and without empathy. Also now in the events there are also some completely new beautiful illustrative images. I have a thought about the third date with Garreth, I think the third person who joined their fun is Cedrik, who uses a different voice so as not to be recognized easily, the physical body and the colors are the same, so I think it's just him. I've noticed that there are some black backgrounds in Azorin and Stralf the bellboy's R-18 events, but I think those are empty spaces that the artist will eventually replace with illustrative drawings. If I can make a suggestion, I would tell you to remove the "Spend time alone" option, because it seems useless and doesn't seem to lead to secret events (maybe it's me speaking and actually there are secret events, in that case, please, inform me. I would also like to know the processes.) 

Now, there's something serious I need to tell you about.

I'm sure it will take a long time for the game to be complete, with all sprites properly inserted, all bugs fixed, etc. There's only one thing that worries me. Among your followers there will certainly be people who want to do a 100%, if the story goes on for at least one month (that is 30 or 31 days), I think there should be enough days for all the dates of the game. If I can give an example, in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet it was possible at various times to interact in visual novel style with the teaching staff of the Academy, where at the beginning they feel a certain sympathy for the player, and at the end there was a reward that ends with the protagonist and the lecturer making friends. Honestly in my opinion there shouldn't be dozens of appointments for every single character, I know that among the developers there is someone with a lot of imagination, but in my opinion it's better not to overdo it. I'm also worried about one thing. Years have passed since 2019 and my priority towards the game has changed. A lot of stuff has been added to the storyline, subplots have been added, other characters and the evolution of these characters. Originally it was all about horror and gay sex, and the main storyline you should know was the experience of Yarin losing all memory of his past, period. That was his purpose but you didn't give a damn, you focused more on dating the main characters and supporting characters and sex scenes but now you developers are putting in three hundred million dates and stuff and I'm a little worried about it too this fact. Because the more stuff you add, the harder it is to manage. I hope you know how to manage all this stuff you're putting in and that in the end you don't close everything like an egg (like the eighth season of Goth). So I'm interested in Yarin's story, I'm interested in the main characters, in the new bonds, as you understand, I'm interested in the characters and the evolution of the plot. Well, I'm among the (at least) five hundred people who ship people, I ship a lot of characters and I have my main ship of Grovyle from PMD and Astolfo from Fate, ok, but you'll understand that after at least two hours of play, for days of the game, which forcibly pull this push and pull on the harbingers of doom, upcoming horror scenes and character reports, indeed imply that it is an erotic horror video game, when the scary scenes are only scary the first time you see them, because in the end this side seems like a joke to me. So please guys please don't hate me for this. Maybe I'm not quite as into it as I was before. I too would like to make myself useful for this project, I could act as a consultant, or in my free time send you hand-drawn sprites of minor characters or extras by email. Thank you for reading, I deeply apologize if I was rude and I wish you a happy Liberation Day.

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Thank you for your thought-out feedback, I hope to clear up any frustrations you may have with our development.

We were still working on it during all those months where we didn't push out a build. Since 2019 we have made multiple staff adjustments, the main story had been written out by a former writer and we had to do rewrites and fixed many of the worries you have.

I, Lone Wanderer, had joined the team in 2018 and always intended the game to delve into an angle of existential and psychological horror for which we had rewritten the entire game to fit our new standards.

It should hopefully become more clear by the time we get into the next chapter. This first chapter (which will be days 1 - 10) serves as a way to build the world, the characters, so that we can work with all of them in the segments that come up.

In order for the themes of the game to work, you also need to know who the people and environment around you are. This is why we are having routes where you can hang out with people. We do care about the identity crisis that Yarin would face in this situation, for which we also did create and push out new content in 0.3.9. We have added several more subtle hints at the main character experiencing a subdued but everpresent anxiety in most situations.

We are also almost finished with the amount of dates we want to add to the first chapter at least. We only have a few dates remaining before we move on to different types of content.

Regarding the option to spend time alone: We did also want to add an option in case one is not interested in hanging out with the other characters. We are also planning to add several short scenes to it, where Nyrok might find ways to occupy himself.

We do appreciate that you have been following our game project for this long, and if you feel like checking out our future content at your own pace, we will still be here.

Is there a continuation to this scenes?

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Hello there!

No, we do not have additional scenes for Brando written out yet. It is something on our radar, and we are also getting quite a few requests for him.

Brando is a character we did talk and brainstorm a lot about, internally, but the focus with our upcoming content hadn't been on him yet.

We will let you know when there is news on him.

Thank you

when i will be able to have sex with brymror


We apologize for the very late response, but internally we have been talking about creating and adding one sex scene with Brymror at least before the next story arc which will take place on days 11 onwards.

We do not have any concrete plans we can share at the moment, but unless things change, we were hoping to add this kind of intimate content with him either on day 9 or 10. Day 9 is still in the works at the moment and it's taking us a bit longer than usual to add more content of Brym because of all the potential variances with him.

I know that you just updated the game and probably won't update it again this year but I just just wanted to say I hope more story content for brym will be added relatively soon I honestly he is my favorite love interest for y a r i n every once in a while I will go back to reading identity and I keep hoping for more story in general but keep up the good work anyway

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We do hope to release another batch of content sooner than next year (we hope for May or at worst June, actually), even though our prior release patterns might not inspire too much confidence. Even if we might not release many builds, we are working on the game.

We cannot tell you yet when new Brym content is going to come out, but we are working on it currently for day 9. It is taking us a bit, as we basically have to write out several different variances on him all throughout the entire day.

If you are interested in following along our development, we do make public dev diaries on our Patreon, occasionally, where we present things like our progress on character dates or stories. I imagine Brym will still have to cook for probably about a month at least still, before we can give more concrete news.

I understand it's just that I wasn't expecting the update not to give any story content whatsoever I mean I still have my save file from last year or so minus the save technically after the date with him somehow it l e a d back to the quote unquote that at the diner and for some reason I tried to duplicate my save file and I know you don't have another Hangout with him even coded yet just thought I'd share a screenshot


There hasn't been any news for a while, is everything okay?


This lizard guy is so CUTE!


I really love this game! Hope you continue working on this VN! Can't wait to see the next update!


this vn randomly pops up my mind here and there lol, its been quite a few yrs .


Another visual novel I'm worried about besides a place to call home


Hey there! We can assure you and the rest of the community that work on the game continues and will continue. This has been a passion project from the start, and we all were aware of how difficult indie game development can be going into this. We had a rocky start and several years where we tried to find a direction and build a foundation for the game.

But while progress has been slow indeed (due to many factors throughout development which we've talked about in the past), one thing that always stayed the same is our passion to carry out our vision. After all this time, the team is still together, we're still just a bunch of good friends working together in our spare time, dealing with our life problems, slowly making this happen. It may take some more years, but all of us in this team still believe in the story of Yarin and are eager to see it through.

All of the money we receive from Patreon goes straight to the creative people in the team to ensure they can continue to produce content for the game. Even if we make slow progress with it, that money still helps out people's livelihoods, especially those in precarious circumstances (such as an ongoing war). Which is why we continue to be incredibly grateful for the community's support.

yeah I know I just get really worried when I haven't heard news about some stories in months hence talking about a place to call home as well I mean I know you're not the maker of that one but still


I've been following this VN since 2020, but I still love it

So how's everyone doing?

Lovely, how are you?

If i were to describe my situation, well... i can only say that, because of my indecisive nature, I'm currently between a rock and a hard place.

I've got a big decision to make soon, which will have a major impact on my future. 

I've been trying to forget about it as much as possible - to delay the inevitable, one might say.

I feel like that's what i've always been doing, procrastinating; the reason why, exactly, has always been in front of me the whole time. 

Maybe it's because of my upbringing, who knows?

I was wondering if you'd have any kind of advice i might be able to follow, to get through this stuff. 

Or if anyone else who's been through this dilemma and could give me some advice. 

Thanks in advance! I also apologise if this came out of nowhere, it's been ... A bit stressful lately. 

& Have a good one! 

If you want, you can hit me up on telegram so we can talk, because without know more about your situation, I can't really respond to it.

Loving it been playing version 3.0.7 or close to it just played this version cant wait to see what in store which we could see konvl (think I spellt it wrong) more as he cute and can't wait to see that body if his., if you know what I mean.

Same with player friend too I can't wait to see what's to come.


pretty good vn so far love it

Hey juicy I forgot to add this in my comment yesterday but when trying to Romance the best friend the wording to have the opposite affect at the diner


Color me amazed interesting story I know I probably haven't completed it yet but I couldn't help but go for the best friend kind of shocked no romantic scene yet I guess I have to wait for the next update for him I was really surprised because I typically don't like whatever species the characters are but that's typically because they're usually portrayed as villains LOL you have another follower

Is there a NSFW scene with Brando? I kinda got it stuck in my mind since the first time he appeared 7w7

Not right now, but eventually there will be one yeah ^^


Is there a way to stop the text from going forward automatically? I'm dyslexic and can't read fast enough to catch up. I feel like automatic progression should be toggle-able.

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Yes, there are several options you can tweak when it comes to text display and fast forwarding, you can look in the options menu under text settings. For example, the slider for text speed represents the words-per-minute speed you can read. Drag it towards the left for less speed (more delay), and if you drag it all the way to the left, it will disable gradual text reveal and show text instantly. You can adjust the delays for auto-forwarding in that menu as well. We suggest spending a little time playing with those settings and seeing what works for you. We will also try to add small descriptions to each setting in the future for more clarity.

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Thank you for the update, loved this eight day. I really missed this game, I love this story so much!!

I got a few things to point out tho. [SPOILER]

Brym's day 2 shouldn't be available before day8, it kinda feels completely out of place.

The scene in the bathroom with the sudden exhaustion, the dirt, the steps and the whatever was in the mirror was really confusing, if that was the intention ok, but its just completely brushed off it seems, nothing about it comes up. It feels like it might be intended with all the more frequent  hallucinations happening,  but still, that whole sequence of events were really off.

The sequence in the bathroom will feel a bit more off at the moment, but there is more content being worked on and future plans that will further develop the context around it. The disorientation is intentional though. Also, we didn't intend for Brym's second date to be accessible before day 8, so that is a bug which will be addressed in a future version.

Who is the snake next to brym in the cover art? He's cute.

Ps the scouter for the acting gig that brym got asked us if we wanted to throw down. is there ever gonna be an option plus any bondage scene with the one dude with the connection to the chief of police.?

Hey there! The snake is a character that will be part of the main plot across a future chapter of the game. For the second character you mentioned, his name is Brando, and we did have plans to add a scene where you can fuck him. It's just been on the backburner since we had to focus on other things. As for the bondage scene, you may be referring to Berac's scene in day 5. Berac will be replaced with a different character and that scene will be reworked in the near future. That said, there is still a bondage scene in the game which can happen on day 4 (one possible outcome of the Mindalu suite encounter) depending on your choices with her.

k thx for replying. though I kinda liked Berac. he seemed like an interesting character to spend time with. cool, confident, and demanding.

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