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I got a quick questiom and that is if Brym's decision on the second date changes or if it's the same regardless of choices?

It's a bit of a hassle to completely uninstall the game and reinstall it again for each update.

Hey there, if you are using Android, you should be able to just tap on the installer of the new version and it should instead prompt you to update the game you have installed already. There is no need to uninstall and reinstall the game, in fact doing so will cause your user data (save data, in-game options) to be reset.

If you are on PC platforms, the game is currently not an installable type, so you can simply launch the new executable and enjoy the new update while keeping all of your user data intact.

The future is today. 👍

Hey zip files dont open on andriod so the file doesnt work.

Updated the android download so that it directly links to the .apk file.

The MacBook Download files are damaged and cannot be opened

Where is the save file located at on Android? And the name? Its not in Android/data...  any help would be appreciated

Unfortunately, Godot stores the save data in the app storage for security purposes on Android. So the only way to access it would be to root the device. Apologies for the issues.


yey now I am waiting

Loving this so f

But it keeps freezing on the android version after the talk with brym while he's chopping wood

It doesn't let me progress past that

Hi, I wanted to know if the music of your video game will also be uploaded to Youtube.

May i ask when the new update is coming?


The next public update will come out once the next patreon update is ready. We're current trying to get the next update out in August. And thank you for your patience.

Any news on 0.3.7 update for public?

Sorry to ask just its been a minute and want to see how things are coming along.


Hi, we will be releasing 0.3.7 to the public once 0.3.8 is ready for Patreons. We are working on getting 0.3.8 ready with the writing side and hope to have something in the coming months. Thanks for your continued interest and hope you look forward to what we have!


Really enjoyed what I got to read.  Honestly still couldnt quiet figure out what was going on (Im just as lost as the MC, but thats kind of cool, least Im staying In Character ; p)

I was very intimidated by one of the NPCs, was kind of touched that another one went out of his way to look after me when he didnt have to, and really really want to spend time with another one (who doesnt have any scenes yet I guess awwwww)  He totally struck me as my kind a dude!

Anyways Im obviously a fan, thanks for sharing this, and I look forward to any updates you make.  This is sweet stuff (uhm minus the really scarry bits that is!)


After playing through the newest version, I'm even more excited to see where the story goes! The writing is impeccable, characters endearing and wonderful (especially Brym, boyfriends when, I'm desperate)

But with that said, remember to take it easy. We're with you, and most importantly, stay safe. Much love from Finland ❤

When is the next update


Hi, the next update for patreon is actually ready to release this month. And it will be released publicly a month or so after that. Apologies for the long wait as we have all been busy but are still committed to getting this project moving forward. Thank you for your understanding.


Ok so finished the latest version, I need some more Brym like now! I'm happy they were able to work through their issues. I noticed that the option to hang out with him on earlier days hasn't been implemented yet, it would be nice to have them resolve this stuff a little earlier on and develop into an actual boyfriend situation. While Garreth is hot and his attitude is infectious, I really am liking Brym way more in terms of character and design. Hoping to see more soon, keep up the good work and good health!

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I finished the latest version of the game last night and would like to give my opinion.

I really enjoyed the development of the plot, the fact that Yarin and Brymror made peace made my heart very happy. I was not expecting the R18 event with the kobold in the elevator and I must say it caused me pleasure. If I can make any suggestions, the days of the game should correspond with the number of dates with the various characters available. Besides, I know it might take some more work, but the clue, horror, and sex scenes in the game should all have illustrative drawings (just like the sex scene in Garreth's first date).

Lastly, I still say that the friendship between Yarin and Brymror is beautiful, I just hope that it does not become something sticky for both of us, that there are no other divergenses and that it all ends with something romantic. Great job, guys, keep it up!

Hey, thank you so much for the review! You are right that currently the further you get through the game, the less detailed it gets. That is a side effect of our development process, but rest assured that eventually every part of the game will be fully covered by art and audio the same way the prologue of the game is currently. Unfortunately due to the Ukraine crisis, we are in an uncertain situation regarding our future because our main artist is Russian, but so far we have been able to keep paying them. We'll see how this changes, but either way we know the direction we want to take with the game and despite having long delays between new builds, we're constantly improving our planning behind the scenes.

If your main artist has been your friend for years, regardless of their origins, that's okay as I see it.

So... is this still being worked on?

Hey there! Yes, we are still working on the game, albeit slowly and with a reduced crew as a result of the ongoing situation in Ukraine and the rather busy schedules some of us have. We acknowledge the lack of communication on our part, but we can assure you that from a development perspective we have never been more sure of where we want to take our story.

We are aiming to release a new build hopefully by the end of the month, which will contain day 8 and a few character dates. This content was in the making before the Ukraine invasion.

who is the snake on the cover art and the one elevator scene? Also spoiler:

Why does mc still stink if he fell in the pool?

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Because he didnt bath there, falling on water would remove loose dirt but without scrubbing and/or running water dirt sticking to your skin(scales in this case) won't wash off, and well, about the smell, most of the time you will still stink even if you scrub under running water, if it has been long enough the stench sticks to you and to fight it off you will have to use some sort of hygiene product (like soap).

Why did I write a through explanation on how bathing works...? Thats weird


What happened to Brando? :')

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Brymror good. Thank you for coming to my ted talk.

 is it normal if suddently the character dialog gone like it froze there but you can interact with the load file but cant save?

Do you have the specific line of dialogue before this issue occurs? That would help us a lot with identifying the bug.

it happen like this after the lady dragon incident. unknown.png (1050×582) (

sorry i try to do image but it fail

so this is the best i can do

Yes, this issue has been fixed in v0.3.6. You are using v0.3.5. The newer version is currently patron-only, but will eventually be released to everybody.

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so it not me only issue? so it just the built end? phew i was worry. thx so much

Some update this month?

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Somehow I cant download the game onto Whenever I try it says the following:

"Cannot Read properly "build" of undefined"

Any help? I would appreciate it, thanks!


Oh yeah I get that too-

Admittedly none of us in the team is using the desktop client, so we are unfamiliar with the way its downloading/updating features function. It's pretty likely that this error has nothing to do with the game files at the very least, since the builds work just fine when installed manually. What we can tell you is that a regular update on our end means deleting the previous downloadable builds from and uploading the new ones. We haven't set up butler yet, which may be why this happens.

Edit: We found what was causing the problem and it should be fixed now! Please let us know if you still encounter issues with the downloading and installation.

The next version?

We released 0.3.6 for patrons at the start of December, and we are currently working on more content for the game. Due to the holidays, we may not post a new version this month, although it will depend on the pace we can manage over the next few weeks. Until then, you should check our Patreon for 0.3.6 (which also fixes a few game-breaking bugs from the previous version!).


no card

No money

But in the future:)

For now 

I will wait:))

The way I see it. Draxima wasn't bad. Also, why couldn't he have been introduced in the future? After the whole story was written. As an additional character, because additional non-story characters don't always fit into the canon of the world. You could have revealed the character and then introduced Draxim. I know several games with dozens of writers working on them. Including, as a writer, I understand that it's pretty hard to fit a character in, but it's not impossible. Hopefully it will return in the future, well, or be in a slightly altered form. Since it seems to me that if you do a poll about this character. I don't think anyone would be against him. 

But that's just my opinion.

Draxima will not be returning to the game, as we have fully refunded the patron who owns the character. We reiterate that we believe we made the decision in the best interests of the project, as originally explained in this Patreon post.

We are a small team and we do not want to overpromise that which we realize we cannot deliver on. We ultimately want this game to succeed and to avoid further development hell, but in order to do that, we had to reduce the overall game's complexity. At the same time, we understand that some may dislike our decision, but we can assure people that we know the path forward for this project and that this gives us more time to focus on fleshing out the other characters.


Great game and great story! It would be nice to see more choices and scenes if you're top or bottom. In any case, I wish you good luck in development!


i need a little help on the game because it keep ending up on the left

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Hey there! We're not sure we understand what you mean... could you be more specific?

 when i try to start up the game and than it will end up on  the left

Perhaps try pressing the F key? That will make the game fullscreen. By default it starts up as a 1920x1080 window, but for smaller screens it might get out of bounds a bit. We will look for a fix for this in the future.

can someone help me? it stuck in this part

The issue has been fixed in v0.3.6, which is currently patron only. For v0.3.5, you can try starting a new game and picking different choices throughout days 4 and 5. The issue is that on some choice menus, the variables which choices are selected weren't being reset correctly. So when the game reaches the point in the screenshot, it locks you out of selecting anything because it thinks all the choices were already selected.

i see, thanks i really though that was actually all of the game on this version

(1 edit) I the only one who thinks that the griffin scene in the gym has been removed from the game?

Hey there! We don't have a griffin character, but we did have a feral black/white dragon named Draxima. Unfortunately, we have removed the character from the game. You can find more details about it in this post.

Hi, I wanted to inform you of a fact that happened to a friend of mine who played Identity.

Yesterday he downloaded your game and tried it. Today his computer no longer turned on it, so he took it to a technician. After a couple of hours it turned out that the Boot.ini files (used to start the PC) had been deleted.

I don't know if the cause is the fact that he previously downloaded the old versions of the game, so I wanted to inform you.

Hey there! We can assure you that this had nothing to do with our game files. The game is built using the latest stable version of the Godot Engine, which is a fully open source project, meaning every aspect of the engine (including file access permissions and security features) can be viewed and verified by the public. The game engine does not allow access to sensitive directories such as system paths. If such operation was performed, it would also usually be detected by malware detection services.


oh my god there's so much style in this. the title screen alone is like a punch in the face from a runway diva. please kiss your musician for me, he has given my ears the most vibing vibes @_.@-

There was a scene with the feral dragon. Is that still possible or is it over? Also, your game really has come a long way. I really love it. But I would love to see some Lucra action too! But I thought the feral dragon was rather cute! I had hoped he would  be getting some content.

The feral dragon you're thinking of is Draxima. Unfortunately, we have removed the character from the game. You can find more details about it in this post. As far as Lucra goes, you can actually date her for the first time in version 0.3.6, which is currently out for $3+ patrons! And v0.3.6 also solves a few glitches that have been reported in versions 0.3.4 and 0.3.5 anyway, so we definitely recommend it.


Tried the game and I like what it has so far! Seems interesting and I'm already making some guesses as to what some things are or what is going on. Best of luck on this project.

Could I ask about the schedules (or plans) in 2022?

Just curious(


Hi there! We currently don't have specific plans yet for 2022, as we don't plan our workloads that much in advance. Although we will likely create a roadmap early in 2022 for what we hope to achieve next year. Overall, we want to continue writing the main storyline and eventually reach the more juicy bits we have been planning for so long. We also want to deliver more character dating content, particularly for characters that have little to no content yet, like Azorin, Lucra and Cedrik. We also have plans to improve the game's framework and add more artwork.

Some Update this month?

We are aiming to release a new update by the end of this month, there's lots of new content in the works and lots more planned ahead, so you can look forward to these!


I will wait in peace with this response:)

 Where can I find the save files in the android version?

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Hey there! You most likely will need root access on your device to access the game's files. Usually applications would store their data under Android/data, but that's not the case for Godot games. Or it may be also that, because the game itself is technically not "trusted" (downloaded from the official play store with all appropriate software signatures), it gets treated differently than regular apps and as such is not installed under the usual path. Either way, likely the best way to find the game files is to root your device. Looking up forum threads on where Godot stores its user:// path on Android may also help.

Also, in case you end up finding the save files themselves, they should in theory be fully compatible with the desktop versions of the game (this is not tested, but the save data has the same format everywhere).

Wait, i played some time this game and i had only some scenes with Garreth, are there scenes with others? 


been playing it and i really can say is wonderful! i like how the VN starts very intriguing and interesting and despite having time to rest and breathe it keeps alway with something intriguing or interesting happening, i can't wait to see more, too i can see there is a lot of work on the sountrack and art, the only think is that with the current version  looks like i got a bug or error where music and sound arent working or reproducing, even tried to close and open the game again but instead of fix it now the whole game was stuck with only one song, it think it happened right after or when lucra entered inside the taxi and started to speak about mindalu, after that there music started to fail. still i ok with it i just commenting to try to give some feedback and wish you luck with the VN!


i cant wait to fuck Cedrik


Or him to fuck you?

Will Kovle continue as route as well or will the VN focus more in Brymror in the future updates?


Of course! We're not forgetting Kovle or the rest of the cast, but we're also taking things one step at a time. The next update will focus on adding new dates for Brym and Lucra. Also, if you haven't already, you can join our Discord server where you can ask us these questions more easily!

when i try to open the game it says that its damaged and i should move it to the trash. 
(mac btw)

Yes, someone else brought this up in our Discord server and we found a solution. You need to open a terminal in the folder where the app is downloaded and write "xattr -cr ./" (without quotes). This removes the download attributes assigned to the app launcher.

It seems to be a problem with how Godot builds for macs at least on the current stable version, although there have been similar issues in the past with macs that have been fixed with new engine versions. For more info you can look up threads about the issue such as this:

So the thing is I have no idea about computer stuff...but I put that in the terminal and it said 'No such file: ./'

You must first have the terminal be acting in the directory where your game is located for that command to work. You can look up tutorials on how to change directory on a mac terminal.

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